It's been 15 years since we collected our first cord blood stem cell sample in the UK
These potent cells find their way to injured cells and tissue in the body and begin to replace them.
Storing stem cells for life

As a society we’ve always dreamt of a healthy, disease-free world

One of the bravest moves in that direction has come from stem cell research and therapy. Stem cell therapy is currently being used to successfully treat more than 80 diseases, but the field is rapidly evolving backed by prestigious research and clinical trials.

Smart Cells is the first private UK stem cell storage company to have released stored stem cell units for use in the treatment of children with life-threatening illnesses. We have released the greatest number of
samples for use in transplants from the UK.

We believe with the development of technology in the future we will be able to treat even more illnesses.

We believe our customers deserve the best service available and we run our
state of the art facility with leading professionals in the field.

We believe that storing your child’s stem cells at birth can be a crucial
part of treating or curing an unexpected illness.

We believe that in the future this service should be available to every parent, child and family.

We are a company that is for life.


They serve as a repair and maintenance system for other body cells and the blood and immune systems by multiplying and transforming in to blood, bone, tissue and organ cells, when they are required to. At Smart Cells we store stem cells found in the umbilical cord blood and tissue. These potent cells find their way to injured cells and tissue in the body and begin to replace them.


A cord blood stem cell transplant can be used to replace diseased cells with healthy new cells, and rebuild an individual’s blood and immune system. More recently, cord blood stem cells have been shown to be able to form other tissues in the body such as nerve and bone cells.


The future of cord tissue stem cell based therapy in accordance with current scientific opinion is promising. Smart Cells firmly believes that storing umbilical cord tissue as well as the cord blood is the most efficient way to store your child’s stem cells. Storing your child’s cord blood and cord tissue stem cells opens the range of opportunity to treat disease in the future.

Smart Cells were incorporated in July 2000.

Using state of the art technology, we’re ensuring we are a technologically advanced and innovative company in the field. We have released a number of cord blood units for clinical use worldwide and are continuing to do so.


We never forget what the science is being used for – people. Exceptional customer service has been important to us since we started and our founder is still actively involved in the running of the business. We even have a world class advisory board to make sure our focus remains human.


Some companies hide extra costs, such as your phlebotomy service, maternal blood testing or shipping fees. We have plain and simple service plans that inform you of all charges upfront. You can rely on us to make sure that there are no hidden costs.


We have a team of phlebotomists (blood collection specialists) operating on a 24/7 basis. This service has dedicated staff, emergency telephone numbers and call out personnel which save you the inconvenience of having to find, book and manage this service for yourself.


Smart Cells has stored umbilical cord blood samples for clients around the world. We have collected, exported and imported samples from over 70 countries to date. Based close to London Heathrow airport – we minimise transportation times for customers around the globe.

YouGov Survey

A recent YouGov survey found that almost 8 in 10 parents felt more should be done to educate them about stem cell storage

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We have now released 16 samples of stem cells for clinical use, more samples for transplants than any other private company in the country.

This significant milestone for the private cord blood storage industry highlights the advances being made in stem cell research and puts a spotlight on a service that many parents-to-be are still unaware of.

Smart Cells was the UK’s first private cord blood company and, in its 16 years since the company was founded, has released samples to patients all over the world to treat a variety of conditions including Cerebral Palsy, Thalassemia, Leukaemia and HSV Encephalitis.


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What our customers say

  • “Excellent experience. The service is of outstanding quality.”

    Caterina Resca
    Caterina RescaApril 2015
  •   "At a time when there are a huge number of decisions to make, banking with Smart Cells was one of the easiest. This is a great company: terrific service, wonderful product, have already recommended to others!”

    D'Maris Coffman
    D'Maris CoffmanApril 2015
  • “I was very happy throughout with the service, timeliness and courtesy.”

    Michela de Nichola
    Michela de NicholaJune 2015
  • "We were extremely pleased by the constant support and follow up by your staff. I was not sure if my wife did the right thing to call one of your colleagues at 2 am post delivery, but was delighted to know how politely and patiently you responded to the doctor's queries. We were really touched by this act. We wish Smart Cells all the success and would surely recommend to other parents."

    Faisal Hijazi
    Faisal HijaziOctober 2014
  • "Everything worked excellent and you were there the best moment of our lives!"

    Marianthi Christidi
    Marianthi ChristidiAugust 2014
  • "A professional service throughout, and our phlebotomist was fantastic!"

    Eve Ellis
    Eve EllisJune 2014
  • "Staff have always been very informative and helpful. They have responded to my emails and calls promptly."

    Ruth Rincon Ordonez
    Ruth Rincon OrdonezJune 2014
  • "I am very happy for the service and care I have received from  Smart Cells and the phlebotomy team. I would definitely recommend Smart Cells for cord blood banking. Many thanks."

    Mehta Niharikaben
    Mehta NiharikabenJune 2014
  • "We have used Smart Cells twice now and have enjoyed equally good service on both occasions. Friendly, professional and extremely helpful staff made for a positive experience and we would happily recommend them."

    Karen Jarvis
    Karen JarvisMay 2014
  • "Brilliant service and an easy application process."

    Kate Royle
    Kate RoyleMay 2014
  • "Just fantastic at every stage, very responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. I felt reassured that there was contingency in place for the collection on the day and the collection and pick up was smooth but didn't interfere with the special birth day. All staff were exceptional in friendliness and helpfulness at every point."

    Emma Williams
    Emma WilliamsMarch 2014
  • "Every person I spoke to from Smart Cells was impressively helpful and friendly. I personally dealt with Mike, Kauser and Ketan. They made the whole process so easy and efficient. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Smart Cells and the individuals that helped make my experience a pleasant one"

    Juliana Malik
    Juliana MalikOctober 2013
  • "Smart Cells uses the volume reduction method. This is the most technologically advanced method to date and is being used by the most advanced companies worldwide along with the NHS. This difference, coupled with a top notch service left me extremely satisfied and reassured that I chose the right company"

    Ephrat O
    Ephrat OJune 2013
  • "From the start, we wanted to explore storing our baby's cord blood and tissue cells. Smart Cells was recommended by our doctor and after our first initial meeting with them, we felt we would be able to make an informed decision. We still asked and got info from other companies, however we chose Smart Cells because they had the most comprehensive and informative approach and their staff were very knowledgeable, professional and helpful"

    Rula Tadros
    Rula TadrosMay 2013
  • "Smart Cells customer service department was excellent. They dealt with all my queries straight away and were clear and concise, reassuring me and keeping me updated without being pushy. A professional service which I am very happy with. If I have another child I will definitely use them again"

    Marisa Nurse
    Marisa NurseApril 2013
  • "Smart Cells have been exceptionally helpful and a pleasure to deal with"

    Sue Stevens
    Sue StevensFebruary 2013
  • "From the very first phone call the service was exceptional. Your staff were incredibly knowledgeable and friendly"

    Mr. & Mrs. Parker
    Mr. & Mrs. ParkerFebruary 2013
  • "Smart Cells were really good help in explaining the whole process and giving me peace of mind when I had a question. Very friendly and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure dealing with them. The two Phlebotomists who I was in touch with were both nice and efficient"

    Nora Ferda-McKay
    Nora Ferda-McKayJanuary 2013
  • "The service we received from Smart Cells was irreproachable! We contacted them on several occasions, by phone and by email and they replied promptly every time by giving us all the information we needed."

    Oana Cazacu
    Oana CazacuOctober 2012
  • "The Phlebotomist was very friendly on the day of delivery. Overall I was very satisfied with the process and it was worth the money"

     Nina Breunung
    Nina BreunungOctober 2012
  • "Very helpful and friendly service! Smooth, quick and efficient process at a very busy moment in your life. Thank you!"

    Mr & Mrs. Zackariya
    Mr & Mrs. ZackariyaSeptember 2012
  • "I am using your service for my second baby! Thank you for everything. Phlebotomist was nice and punctual. Very happy customer!"

    Mr. & Mrs. Daraban,
    Mr. & Mrs. Daraban,September 2012
  • "Great and efficient service. The customer service is very friendly and you get a lovely one-to-one rapport. Happy to deal with any issue but also honest in giving advice. Would certainly use again and would recommend it to any of our friends"

    Mr. & Mrs. Papasavvas
    Mr. & Mrs. PapasavvasAugust 2012
  • "I was absolutely satisfied with the service! Clear information, quick service and reliable staff. Thank you very much for your help and I will definitely do it again if we have another baby"

    Agata Tyranska
    Agata TyranskaJuly 2012
  • "The service was amazing, could not be better!"

    Acosta Guizar
    Acosta GuizarMay 2012
  • "Thanks a lot for your quick service. I will never forget that I called you in the middle of the night from the Labour Ward and after 1 hour I had the kit in my hand. An hour later the Phlebotomist was in the hospital waiting for the delivery of my baby and to collect the umbilical cord blood and tissue samples. Best regards to all the Smart Cells Staff - My real life insurance!"

    Mr. G Petrone
    Mr. G PetroneApril 2012
  • "A very professional and friendly service. Always ready to answer any questions and give advise. I would definitely use them again!"

    Mrs. Asghar Khan
    Mrs. Asghar KhanFebruary 2012
  • "The service that we received by the team at Smart Cells was exceptional, thank you!"

    Stacey Buccellato
    Stacey BuccellatoJanuary 2012
  • "We were surpised by our labour beginning before we had received our kit. Smart Cells and their approved Phlebotomy service were able to provide the kit and arrive within one hour. Very Helpful with all dealings and all explanations were very thorough"

    Matthew Mackenzie
    Matthew MackenzieDecember 2012
  • "Our previous two interactions with SCI were very positive but this time you went over and above expectations. The telephone conversations were very polite and informative. I will recommend SCI to everyone that we know who is considering umbilical cord blood and tissue storage"

    Mark Dunbar
    Mark DunbarOctober 2011
  • "Excellent service, friendly, helpful and the Phlebotomist was great at the hospital and was a good part of the team. She wasn't in the way at all and stayed with me through my quick birth"

    Julia Kidd
    Julia KiddOctober 2011
  • "Thank you so much for everything! Your customer service was fabulous and the process was very efficient"

    Erin Bonnier
    Erin BonnierSeptember 2011
  • "We have been extremely satisfied with the service provided by Smart Cells throughout the whole process - including the Phlebotomist who was always attentive to our needs. We would have no hesitation in recommending Smart Cells to family and friends"

    Paul Adkins
    Paul AdkinsSeptember 2011
  • "Customer service is excellent. The team were very friendly and knowledgeable. We used your company with our first child and used it again for our second. Would definitely recommend to our friends"

    James Rennie
    James RennieSeptember 2011
  • "I found the overall service very good. I have been very happy with the service provided to us with our three children. Should we go on to have any more children we would continue to use your company to collect and store cord blood and cord tissue stem cells. Many thanks for all of your assistance"

    Eilish Kelly
    Eilish KellyAugust 2011
  • "We used Smart Cells with our first child and now again with our second baby. The service is excellent and everyone I spoke to was extremely courteous and helfpul. Staff followed up on a regular basis with me and offered their assistance if it was needed"

    Tarek Bachnak
    Tarek BachnakJuly 2011
  • "Excellent service and also very helpful in all Stages of the process. Thank you"

    Lynn Bew
    Lynn BewJuly 2011
  • "Great service and very happy that we went ahead with the process. Would recommend to family and friends"

    Emmy Cahoon
    Emmy CahoonJuly 2011
  • "Thanks for all of your help and taking the time to talk things through with me when I first called"

    Natasha Thaker
    Natasha ThakerJune 2011
  • "Very easy process and I am grateful for the additional explanations with regard to storage and use. Your courier was also very helpful when it came to pick up and transport of the samples after delivery which was much appreciated"

    Julie Kuenzel
    Julie KuenzelJune 2011
  • "Fast and friendly service. Always available to answer questions and queries. Appointed a fantastic Phlebotomist who was lovely!"

    Cassie Ladbrook
    Cassie LadbrookJune 2011
  • "Thank you very much for your good service. I received all the information I needed and the knowledge to explain the process. I will definitely use Smart Cells again when I have my second baby"

    R Manole
    R ManoleJune 2011
  • "Excellent! Very happy with the overall service, Would recommend!"

    Michael Spasov
    Michael SpasovJune 2011
  • "Great service - you did everything you could to make the process easy at a challenging time"

    Anindita Doig
    Anindita DoigJune 2011
  • "Once again Mike, thank you for all your time and effort in explaining everything to the last detail. After a bit of shopping around and considering other companies it was really your patience and ability to answer all my questions that made me choose Smart Cells over all the others"

    Marysia Angus
    Marysia AngusJune 2011
  • "I just wanted to thank you for all your help and advice with regard to our stem cell collection. Our lovely boy was born on the 22nd and collection all went smoothly. It was down to your knowledge and customer care that I felt confident to use Smart Cells rather than another company"

    Lucy Coward
    Lucy CowardJune 2011
  • "Smart Cells are clearly very knowledgeable about their product. Even further, they spend time with the client to understand their wishes and current situation. I have found their response time superb and their manner very effective"

    Sara Onstad
    Sara OnstadNovember 2010
  • "Smart Cells gave us superb service and it was very cool that they were so kind to chat with us and show us the laboratory and storage units. It made me feel more comfortable about your company"

    Nick & Kate Buckingham-Fry
    Nick & Kate Buckingham-FryOctober 2010
  • "Everyone who collects umbilical cord stem cells hopes they'll never have to use it, but we know we've done the right thing by bagging and banking just in case we do"

    Simon Leadbetter
    Simon Leadbetter2008
  • "Your assistance in getting the kit to us was of more help than you can know - We had the comfort and knowledge that we were as prepared as we possible could be for a severely premature baby"

    Mr. & Mrs. Jonell
    Mr. & Mrs. Jonell2007
  • "A stem cell transplant was the only way to save Ahmed! Ahmed is now growing in height and is transfusion and medication free. He loves school and playing with the other kids - he enjoys being just like the other children"

    Mohamed Ahmed
    Mohamed AhmedDecember 2008
  • "Very professional, we knew we were in good hands and that our child's stems cells would be looked after."

    Kyle & Carla Poppleton
    Kyle & Carla PoppletonDecember 2012
  • "I understand that stories of cloning and Dolly the sheep make people worry that they are playing with nature but it's the most natural thing. When you have children, it is your instinct to do anything to help your child survive. This is just one part of that."

    Darcey Bussell
    Darcey BussellFebruary 2004
  • "We are all living longer and a lot of us will unfortunately experience illness within our lifetimes - storing cells that may one day become part of a future treatment or cure will potentially prolong and enrich the lives of both you and your family. It's a no-brainer."

    Ruth Elizabeth Ellis
    Ruth Elizabeth EllisJanuary 2013
  • "I hope to never have to use it, however if that time should ever come, I'll feel more prepared than if I chose not to store my baby's stem cells."

    Francesca Baillie
    Francesca BaillieJanuary 2013
  • "I would have no hesitation recommending Smart Cells to anyone potentially giving birth - especially if they have any historical family health concerns."

    Nikki Khan
    Nikki KhanFebruary 2006
  • "I thought the service was excellent!"

    Danielle Glenn Veierod
    Danielle Glenn VeierodSeptember 2011
  • "Excellent, I would use the service again"

    Annette Sillick
    Annette SillickJuly 2011
  • "Very Approachable when questioned and instructions are easy to follow"

    Nina Breunung
    Nina BreunungJune 2011
  • "This is the second time I've used Smart Cells - very efficient, reliable and friendly service."

    Rebecca Guinness
    Rebecca GuinnessAugust 2015
  • "Mike and Danielle in particular were both great from start to finish. Really made me feel comfortable with the whole process. I would recommend Smart Cells based on the customer service and care they provided. Thank you very much for a very positive experience."

    Claire McCarthy-Morris
    Claire McCarthy-MorrisSeptember 2015
  • "I have used smart cells twice and was very happy with the quality of service on both occasions."

    Sara Al Awar
    Sara Al AwarOctober 2015
  • "It was a stress free process from beginning to end. The staff were all very helpful and nice and our phlebotomist, Ela, was lovely. Would recommend Smart Cells to anyone wishing to have their baby's cord blood/ tissue stored."

    Laurelle Herft
    Laurelle HerftNovember 2015
  • "I found the initial communication was a bit confusing - ie; Understanding the kit and who would use it, etc. However, once that was clear, the service was incredibly responsive and professional. We would recommend the service without reservation."

    Emily Perry
    Emily PerryDecember 2015
  • "The team was great and without their high level of responsiveness and thorough explanation, I would have probably selected a competitor."

    Benedicte Rabier-Adami
    Benedicte Rabier-Adami February 2016

Our Partner

Smart Cells is proud to be a Founding Donor to Borne, a collaboration between the Chelsea and Westminster Health Charity and the world class maternity team at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. Premature birth is responsible for over 70% of long term disabilities and deaths in newborn babies. Borne is the first initiative aiming to use groundbreaking research into treatments and education to prevent disability and death in childbirth and improve the lifelong health of mothers and babies.

Led by Professor Mark Johnson, Consultant Obstetrician and Chair of Clinical Obstetrics, Imperial College London, Borne’s aim is to translate this research into healthy new life by developing a greater understanding of the causes of premature birth, how to prevent it and developing treatments to protect the unborn child.

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