Finding a great at-home massage service for busy London mums and dads

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The evening after I returned home from my first ever three-week-long holiday with two kids, including a colicky baby, I had just about enough energy to make it up the stairs from the kitchen to the sitting room. I didn’t really need to go any further though.

The lovely and professional-looking Joanna, who runs Home Spa London and has been a massage therapist for more than 10 years, had arrived with a full massage table, fresh towels and music, and was setting up in our sitting room. She couldn’t have contacted me at a better time, and I was delighted to be offered to have a massage to review.

My whole body was aching from the constant bouncing around with Baby Boy on one shoulder, and lifting or carrying Baby Girl. Despite looking pretty jealous, even Daddy T could see that this time it was me who needed the massage more than him. He quietly went back down and looked up the Home Spa London website instead, returning to ask about booking times, availability and how to get a regular slot as soon as my session had finished.

That evening we decided this was what we both needed to recharge the batteries after the inconveniently long school holiday, and the next day we had booked a course of 10 sessions with Joanna. She’s such a pleasant person to have in the house, and since she brings all the equipment I would expect to find in a spa, she makes the experience feel relaxed and polished.

There’s nothing missing. I can put Baby Girl and Baby Boy to bed as usual, have a one-hour massage, and my evening still hasn’t finished. I have water, a robe and a cozy sofa to sit on after my session like I would have had in a spa, and I could easily have bought a bowl of olives and dried fruit to add as spa snacks.

Home Spa London makes it possible for busy London mums and dads to feel truly pampered and reenergised without organising babysitting and wasting time on getting to and from the spa. Pretty perfect!

A one-hour at-home massage with Home Spa London starts from £60, and there’s a discount when booking a course of 10 sessions.

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