Helping New Mums Through Baby Blues

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Your body is full of hormones all rushing around, a lack of sleep has left you frazzled and with a short fuse, the ‘mum’ fog has set in and you’re likely to cry without warning or reason. All this is completely normal, most new mums feel a rush of anxiety and being overwhelmed after the birth of their child. Considered quite normal because it’s so common, the baby blues is something a lot of women experience after birth but can leave you feeling alone.

Sometimes, however, the baby blues may not lift after a couple of weeks to a month, which could point towards something more serious; Post Natal Depression (PND), a midwife, health visitor or doctor, can offer advice, support and treatment.

If your partner, sister, mother, daughter or best friend has just given birth and you think they have the baby blues, you may be wondering what you can do to comfort them. Luckily we are here to assist with our Baby Blues How to Help a New Mum Guide.

Both parents will be very busy with the new baby, it’s a lot to get used to so some things will slip by the wayside, if paternity leave for the dad is short he may well be back at work after two weeks. This time may well be when the new mother will be feeling most anxious and need a bit more support.

In the first couple of weeks after having a child, mothers need lots of help and support; however, you also don’t want to overwhelm her either.

Sometimes just knowing the right things to say can have a wonderfully uplifting effect, positive affirmations are a great way to tell a new mother she is doing great, that she is not alone and that everything is going to be okay.

If you know other new parents, family and friends who have had a new arrival or even distant Facebook friends who may find this useful, please share far and wide.

Download and share our Baby Blues How to Help a New Mum Guide now:

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