Jordanian medical team succeed in four cases suffering from Diabetes Type 1

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A Jordanian medical team Have succeeded in four cases suffering from Diabetes (Diabetes Type 1) by transplanting stem cells in the pancreas with restoration of insulin secretion after a brief period and recovery from Diabetes Type 1 took place.

They have planted pure cells in the pancreas of the patient directly via the catheter without resorting to any surgery or general anesthesia, to avoid potential dangers. Doctors said the revival of the pancreas without side effects gives new hope for patients with Diabetes Type 1. The medical team injected capillaries that feed the stem cells of the pancreas, leading to dispense insulin for patients after research lasted two years.

The head of the children’s department at the American University of Chicago, Professor Mark Holter said that diabetic patients who were treated with stem cells have recovered and are no longer dependent on insulin. They expect to publish the results of the Jordanian experience and circulate them globally.


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