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Recently we had contact with a family who’s daughter has been diagnosed with Leukemia. She’s called Lara and she’s 24 years old.

A week before Christmas Lara was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia. She’s now undergoing chemotherapy at University College Hospital in London and doctors have told her she needs a stem cell donor to save her life. Sadly none of Lara’s family are suitable donors.

Lara’s parents are Chinese-Thai and Italian which makes finding a donor even harder than usual.  Doctors have said Lara’s best chance of finding a match is among people who are mixed Asian-European.

So you, or someone you know, might be the person who is a match for Lara and could cure her. If you are a match, a simple blood donation from you could be all that is needed to save Lara’s life.

Lara’s family have set up a website to help find the person who could save Lara’s life: – this has all the necessary details as to how to get tested (normally a saliva test) and how you would donate if you are a match (normally a simple blood donation).

If you have friends or family who are of Asian-European mixed race, please make sure they see this urgently – and get tested.

It’s impossible to over-state just how important and urgent this is. It can take two months to process potential donors and time is not on Lara’s side.

It’s going to be a huge challenge to find a match for Lara. But if everyone shares this with everyone they know around the world and potential donors come forward, we will find a match for Lara and save her life.

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