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Next week marks World Cord Blood Day 2018, taking place on the 15th November. Last year, we chose to show our support by releasing information and stats on cord blood transplants and their effects across our digital platform after discovering that 1 in 3 parents did know they had the option to store their baby’s cord blood at birth. Education and awareness around cord blood and the benefits it can have medically is key.

“By storing our baby’s cells and tissue (which was collected at birth by the midwives), we feel we are really investing in her future and health. It’s exciting to see how stem cell therapy evolves and we are really happy we made the decision to do it.”

Laura, Laura Butler-Madden, Smart Cells client

Following World Cord Blood Day 2017, throughout the past year, we’ve worked on several campaigns highlighting the state of awareness around cord blood and stem cell research, and the results have been clear to see. We’ve had countless parental influencers jump on board with our content, using their influence in the digital sector to highlight how awareness is needed. There have also been larger scale medical news and parenting sites who have shared our content too, including News Medical, Netmums and local news outlets in areas where hospitals have launched new programmes with us.

The process was incredibly simple. One of the team came to see me when I was in the early stages of labour and helped me complete the form and explained how the process would work after I’d given birth. Most importantly they explained that there would be no pain or risk to both the baby and myself.”

Katie, Mummy Snowy Owl

This year, rather than highlighting the need for more awareness, we’re launching a social media campaign across our platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – to emphasise further information around cord blood: how it can help, what specifically it can help with, and the future possibilities for stem cell research from cord blood collections. The imagery for social media highlights the following facts:

  • Cord blood is a rich source of stem cells that are more pristine than those found in adults due to less exposure to illness or environmental factors.
  • Cord blood can currently treat over 80 diseases.
  • Research and clinical trials into the possibilities of cord blood are prolific – new discoveries are being made every day.
  • Cord blood is easier to collect, store and access than bone marrow.

While research into cord blood and stem cells is always a key priority, we also believe that parents who choose the option to have their baby’s cord blood collected and stored should be well-informed about the process. After all, these are the people for whom it really matters.

Before I had my children I did not even know you could donate your cord blood, but after hearing how it could help other children I was immediately convinced. It was as easy as filling in some paperwork. We even received a thank you card afterwards which I have kept for my 4 children. Such a lovely and simple way to maybe help another child just by being born.”

Kirsty, Navigating Baby

As such, we’ve spoken to a selection of parents who have been through the cord blood collection process and shared their thoughts on it. These have been shared throughout this article.

“Honestly, it’s already a bit scary having a baby, and the whole Smart Cells process was painless. From the day I booked the service, I was given a 24 hour phone number to call when I was in labour to get my sample collected by the phlebotomist. Literally as I was going to hospital my husband called her, and we kept her updated and she was there at the end to collect the sample and have it sent to Smart Cells. Couldn’t be simpler.”

Orly Daniel, actress and model.

To show your support for World Cord Blood Day, help us spread awareness by sharing your experiences with cord blood collection or interact with our imagery across social media – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also read more about the event we’re running for World Cord Blood Day 2018 on the 12th November 2018 and how you can be involved here. The more we can share the benefits of cord blood and the potential it has for the future, the better.

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