Smart Cells supports Blood Cancer Awareness Month 2020

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Here at Smart Cells, we’re very keen to support campaigns that help to increase awareness around both common and rare diseases, and research into future treatments for these. September marks Blood Cancer Awareness Month, which includes diseases such as leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma.

Did you know that every day, there are 104 people diagnosed in the UK with a form of blood cancer? 250,000 people in the UK are currently living with blood cancer. For Blood Cancer Awareness month, we are highlighting figures like this to help to contribute towards life-giving treatments. Now is our opportunity to make a difference for their future.

What can be done for those living with blood cancer? 

We’re often astounded at the high level of research that is being undertaken into diseases that these tiny precious cells can help to treat. Everyday, bigger steps are being taken towards brighter futures. Stem cells from cord blood can help to restore healthy bone marrow and boost the immune system for treatment of diseases such as leukaemia. 

Stem cells from cord blood can give those with blood cancers an incredible second chance at life. For 1 in 22 women and 1 in 16 men, this is a huge number of people who may be affected in their lifetimes but also who could potentially be given another opportunity.

We’re proud to say that Smart Cells have released 4 samples for the treatment of leukaemia, and we continue to support research into life-saving treatments. For many, a stem cell donation is the only opportunity for treatment in some types of blood cancer. It’s incredible that stem cells from cord blood can not only be used to treat the person they’re taken from, but they also have the potential to treat siblings and other relatives for diseases like leukaemia.

How can I support Blood Cancer Awareness Month?

Visit the Blood Cancer UK website today to find out more about opportunities for fundraising – there are options for everyone such as Let’s Beat It music events, Big Brunches, and even gaming events such as Plug In and Play where you can become a Team Blood Cancer UK Gaming Legend from the comfort of your own sofa. 

Here you can also find out about the signs and symptoms of the different types of blood cancer, where you can find support for yourself or friends and relatives living with blood cancer, and more research into blood cancer treatments in the future.

Even the tiniest steps can help with the awareness of blood cancer, so visit our Facebook page and Instagram page to share our posts on supporting Blood Cancer Awareness Month – for their future.

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