Stress-free London kids birthday party planning with Crate a Party

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Stress-free London kids birthday party planning with Crate a Party

When Daddy T and I planned our wedding we kind of skipped table decorations. I told the venue white sounded fine, and they could deal with the flowers. That was it.

I knew, however, that this attitude wouldn’t work for my daughter. Turning 3 is a big thing in London, and a princess party is not to be frowned upon.

That’s why I was excited to discover cool London kids birthday company Crate a Party, which offers mums with birthday-obsessed mini Londoners a stress-free party planning experience and an opportunity to create a magical setting for a birthday without using a standard event company. I told Lottie from Crate a Party what theme and venue we had decided on, and she emailed back a lovely mood board with ideas for birthday table and room decorations.

Instead of choosing traditional Disney Princess tableware, she sourced vintage-inspired princess tableware and paired them with adorable floral print doilies and table cloths. She had found some cute wands with pink and white ribbons, and she suggested we have pale pink flowers in jam jars on the tables. For the gift table or adult table, she organised pink catering roll, and she sourced beautiful diamond tiaras for the girls and fun knight hats for the boys.

For the party bags, she suggested we have princess chocolates for girls and frog chocolates for boys to stick to the theme, and she found cute hair clips, which Baby Girl wanted to include in the party bags, as well as fairy gliders and other little party bag goodies.

The day before the party Lottie delivered a stunning crate full of all the party decorations and party bag contents we had decided to go with together with her signature Emergency Party Kit with scissors, cello tape, glue and Blu-tack, which came in handy on the day.

Stress-free London kids birthday party planning with Crate a Party

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