Thank You Midwives!

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At Smart Cells, we know better than many just what an important job it is that midwives do and how crucial it is to have their unwavering support throughout pregnancy, birth and during post-natal treatment.

A midwife is usually a woman’s key point of contact throughout her pregnancy, helping her with any questions or concerns; they will be there at the birth to provide medical attention, support and assistance; and they will be available to a woman and the baby for up to 28 days after the birth. They often get to know the pregnant woman and her family personally during this time as they are responsible for guiding them during such a momentous part of their lives.

Over the past decade, a midwife has become an increasingly important role to the point that they are now the primary point of contact for maternity services, with most women choosing to contact midwives before their GP, meaning that they can seek and receive more appropriate and specialised care.

For a family going through one of the most crucial times of their lives, the birth of a new child, there can be moments of concern, high levels of stress and worry. Having a midwife who can help explain to the woman going through the process exactly what is going on and reassuring her in terms that she understands is hugely important.

Fortunately, 90% of women have reported that their midwife spoke to them in a way they understood. And 89% of women felt that they were treated with respect by their midwives. Where would we be without them?!

To show our appreciation for midwives, to coincide with International Day of the Midwife on 5th May, we’re sharing a series of images on our social media with the hashtag #thankyoumidwives. And here’s where we need you! If you’ve got imagery or a story about the care you received from a midwife during pregnancy, the birth process or post-natal support, please share it with us using the hashtag: #thankyoumidwives.

Head over to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see our images and to share your own words of appreciation for your midwives.

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