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Smart Cells was the first company in the UK to release stored cord blood cells to treat children with life-threatening illnesses, and no one has been involved in more successful transplants than us.



Cord blood cells are biological cells found in the body. They’re there to act as a repair and maintenance system for other body cells, as well as the blood and immune systems. They do this by multiplying into blood, bone, tissue and organ cells whenever they are required to.

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In short, cord blood cell transplants. Using cord blood cells, a transplant is used to replace diseased cells with healthy new alternatives. This helps to rebuild an individual’s blood and immune system, as well as being able to form other tissues, such as nerve and bone cells.

The potential for cord blood cell use to treat illnesses and disease is huge. Laboratory work has demonstrated that cord blood cells are capable of developing into a wide range of cell types, including nerve, bone, skin, heart and liver cells, plus many more.


Collecting cord blood cells from your baby’s umbilical cord is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Umbilical cord blood and tissue have proved to be rich in potent cord blood cells, and, with over 80 diseases for which transplant of blood-forming cord blood cells is used as a standard treatment option, the potential of the cord blood cells collected is huge.

Various immune disorders, blood disorders, metabolic disorders, neurological disorders and even certain cancers are just some of the types of diseases that cord blood transplants have been used for.

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1. What’s Included in cord blood cell Storage?

There are no hidden costs in our cord blood cell storage packages as each product is an all-inclusive cost, supported by the yearly storage fee. This means that your kit will be provided along with a phlebotomist, your certificate, cord blood cell processing and storage for the first year.

2. What is cord blood cell Storage?

Cord blood cell storage is the collection and processing of cord blood cells, from either umbilical cord blood or tissue before being cryopreserved (the process of cooling to very low temperatures to preserve viability). Cord blood cells can be used now, in some cases of treatment, but can also be stored for future treatment options too.

3. How Much Does cord blood cell Storage Cost?

Cord blood cell storage comes in a couple of options, starting from £1995. Other options are available from Smart Cells, such as storing cord tissue cord blood cells, however, these are the only additional costs included. We have laboratories around the world available to store your cord blood cells.

4. What are the Payment Options for cord blood cell Storage?

There are a number of payment options available to Smart Cells customers when it comes to payment. Alongside the opportunity to pay upfront for cord blood cell collection and storage, we offer 3, 6 and 12-month payment plans, allowing you to make payment in a way that is most convenient to you.

5. Is Storing cord blood cells Worth It?

Cord blood cells have unique properties proven to help fight diseases and illnesses such as Leukaemia and Cerebral Palsy. Storing these cells at birth is a once in a lifetime opportunity and a priceless resource that can be used to treat serious illness or disease now or in the future. Smart Cells have released 21 successful samples, higher than any UK private cord blood cell company.


For more information on our cord blood cell banking, please email us at uk@smartcells.com or call us on 01895 424430

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