An online GP service providing telephone or email consultations with experienced, dedicated UK GPs.
Dr. Morton’s – The medical helpline©

Dr Morton’s – the medical helpline© is an online GP service providing telephone or email consultations with experienced, dedicated UK GP’s.

We have some of the country’s top doctors working with us on our mission to modernise the doctor-patient interaction and deliver innovative new forms of healthcare. There’s no need to make an appointment – simply register on the website to set up your secure customer portal, which you can use to safely and confidentially speak to a doctor, and to access your personal health record at the click of a button.

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Dr. Morton’s – The medical helpline©

Dr Karen Morton
GMC number 2454319

Dr Karen Morton qualified from Cambridge University in 1981, and has worked in Cambridge, Oxford, Queen Charlotte’s Maternity Hospital and the Chelsea Hospital for Women, and finally St Thomas’ Hospital, before being appointed a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at the Royal Surrey County Hospital in 1991. Three years ago, she founded Dr Morton’s – the medical helpline, a telephone and email GP service. She passionately believes that simple communication technology could revolutionise healthcare, as research shows that over 70% of GP problems could be solved on the phone. Dr Morton’s dream is to provide fantastic medical advice and treatment without the need to wait for a face to face doctor’s appointment.

Her medical career was inspired by her biology teacher, but it was her trip at age 18 to Tanzania that showed her the harsh realities of childbirth, and made her want to be an Obstetrician.

Dr Morton is delighted to work in partnership with Smart Cells International. She has known the company since it began, and on numerous occasions been impressed by its high professional standards. She believes that stem cell storage is one of the most exciting new technologies of the century, and she herself would have done it if the opportunity had been available when her three sons were born.

“It is a true privilege to share and make a difference to what is undoubtedly the most exciting thing a woman ever does: having a baby. Once you are a mother you know full well that you would do anything for your child. Storing their stem cells could be a life-saver, and indeed could be invaluable to other members of your family and to progress in the treatment of so many illnesses.”

Pregnancy Advice

For most women pregnancy is a balance between excitement and fear of the unknown; enjoy the miraculous journey, cope with the sadness of a miscarriage and understand pregnancy blood tests and pregnancy scans.

With Dr Morton’s – the medical helpline© you can email or phone a real doctor at any time for more information, reassurance or advice

For many women, being pregnant is the first time they have needed any medical care in their lives. Others may be familiar with a clinic or hospital setting due to having an underlying medical condition such as diabetes. Some women will have struggled womanfully to get pregnant and others miscarried in the past. These factors, together with a woman’s innate personality and outlook on life, together with her personal situation, for example how supportive her partner is, will all influence where the balance between anxiety and excitement lies.

Pregnancies may be planned or a complete surprise. Whatever the case it is useful to understand how to calculate the EDD. This stands for expected date of delivery. Of course this is just the average length of a pregnancy, but a good starting point.

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Seeing your local GP isn’t always as straightforward as it may seem. Perhaps you are too busy at work or stuck at home with young children. Finding the time to see your local GP can be very difficult, even if your surgery can offer an appointment at a time that is convenient. Most calls are solved in under five minutes saving time having to get to the surgery and the stress of having to wait.

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