RubberBand 結他手阿正分享選擇臍帶血庫的心得

1. 你最近工作在忙甚麼?

Busying with all kinds of musical compositions and taking care of my family.

2. 你從那裡了解到儲存臍帶血和臍帶組織的資料?

Matilda Hospital and from Simon.

3. 你為什麼決定儲存嬰兒的(臍帶血和臍帶組織)幹細胞?

Better to be safe than sorry.

4. 你對Smart Cells的感覺如何?

Trustworthy and professional. 

5. 整個過程像你預期嗎?

It’s better than I expected. Hassle free. 

6. 有沒有甚麼阻礙你使用Smart Cells的服務?


7. 你認為有需要提高大眾對儲存臍帶血和臍帶組織的認識嗎?

I believe so. But to many , the cost and reliability is still a concern.

8. 你會對正在考慮使用Smart Cells的朋友說什麼?

Trust Me and Trust Smart Cells!

9. 對於希望儲存孩子臍帶血和臍帶組織的父母,你有什麼建議?

Take the time and do your research on the company profile and speak to their representatives.