As a mother-to-be, there were so many things I had to learn quickly and knowing that caring for these new lives is the greatest responsibility I could ever have can be overwhelmingly pressurizing at times. Hence I’ve been keen at seeking advice from friends and family, educating myself and doing lots of research on any topics I had limited knowledge of. One of these topics is cord blood & tissue banking. The stem cells collected from the baby’s umbilical cord can be used to protect them from over 80 conditions and diseases, and this list is continuously growing as stem cell research and therapy advances. Whilst the hope is that they’ll never need it, it’s given me great peace of mind knowing that I’ve provided them with the option in the future. I highly encourage any parents-to-be to take a look for yourself too!

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Reflecting on the past two months as new parents, we are faced with so many decisions both large and small every single day. One of the easiest and best decisions we’ve made was to safeguard their health years into the future by banking their cord blood at birth. Lara and Leia, even as twin sisters born minutes apart, have different blood types. The only guarantee for a 100% match is a child’s own cord blood. If you’re an expecting parent faced with this decision too, I recommend looking into Smart Cells website for more information!