Ever since I knew I was becoming a mother, everything I do is thought and planned out thoroughly, as my every action affects the baby that is growing inside of me. However, the pain that every parent experiences is when baby is out on their own, a lot of unknown factors could affect the health of our child, and we as parents have no control over it. Smart Cells gives us the relief and assurance that all parents need. Knowing that our child has a backup for almost any type of emergency is the best first gift our child could ever receive.
Thank you so much Smart Cells Hong Kong.


Before Mia arrived, I, like all mothers, fantasized about all these wonderful moments:
first time she looks at you,
first time she laughs,
first step,
first time she calls me “mama”
But reality isn’t as wonderful as imagined:
there are those sleepless nights,
times when I have no clue what’s upsetting her, and non-stop worrying about her development.
People ask me if I’ve enrolled her for any playgroups or if I’ve decided which school for her to go to, the answer is no. Her health and well-being is my priority at the moment, and having Smart Cells making my baby’s health their priority as well relieves me of a lot of stress and anxiety.
Being the first company in the UK to release stored stem cells to treat children with life-threatening illnesses, Smart Cells has been with me since day one of my pregnancy until the day Mia arrived, and will be for 25 more years.
Before that, I never knew the stem cells collected from my baby’s umbilical cord can be used to protect my family from over 80 conditions and diseases, including Leukaemia, Anaemia, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Impaired Immune Systems.
Thank you Smart Cells Hong Kong for safeguarding me and my loved ones.