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Umbilical cord blood processing with the UK’s leading stem cell company

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Umbilical cord blood banking with the UK’s leading stem cell company

At Smart Cells we don’t mind admitting that we haven’t stored the most samples, we haven’t acquired unnecessary accreditations or licences and we might not always be the first choice for every customer.

However, you are taking a pioneering decision to store your baby’s stem cells and potentially secure their wellbeing. For this reason we are proud to be the first company in the UK to offer this service. Our focus is you, the customer, and we are the only company to provide you with a comparison table that doesn’t just favour ourselves.

We don’t need gimmicks or fancy phrases. We take a unique view of comparisons and think it is best to be open and honest about the information we provide to you. See for yourself by checking out our comparison table.

10 st
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Company Smart Cells Future Health Cells 4 Life
Founders of private cord blood storage in the UK
UK’s first private cord blood storage company
Year established 2000 2002 2002
Number of laboratories 1 2 2
Most cord blood samples released for transplant
International offices 21 38 15
Services Smart Cells Future Health Cells 4 Life
Cord blood volume reduced processing **Recommended**
Cord blood whole blood processing
Cord tissue processing
Free transportation of sample if required for treatment
All samples processed and stored in the UK
Group B Streptococcus testing
Omega -3 DHA testing in breast milk
Omega -3 DHA testing in third trimester
Stem cell insurance
Non invasive prenatal testing
Samples Released Smart Cells Future Health Cells 4 Life
First UK private company to release a cord blood sample for treatment
Most number of successful cord blood samples released for treatment
Number of cord blood samples released for treatment 21 8 7
Cord blood samples released for Autologus (self) use
Cord blood samples released for Allogeneic (sibling) use
Number of cord tissue samples released for use in transplant 0 1 1
Regulatory & accreditations Smart Cells Future Health Cells 4 Life
HTA Licenced
HTA Licence number 22522 22503 11083
FACT Netcord Accredited
UK Neqas
ISO 9001
AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) licence
HFEA (Human Fertilisation & Embryology) licence
MHRA (Medicines Healthcare Regulatory Agency) licence
NAP (National Association of Phlebotomists) Approved
Extra Benefits Smart Cells Future Health Cells 4 Life
24 hour on call customer service team
London based office
London based laboratory
First choice and best location for London births
Flexible payment plans available up to 12 months
Dedicated blood registered courier service
Same day and next day delivery service available for stem cell collection kit

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