Storing your stem cells keeps your life-changing treatment options open in the future

Smart Cells Baby

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Smart Cells Plus

Find out more information on our Smart Cells Plus product, specifically designed for adults. We are extremely proud to now offer adults the chance to store their stem cells for life.

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As a society we’ve always dreamt of a healthy, disease-free world.

Shamshad Ahmed

Founder & CEO of Smart Cells International Ltd.

One of the bravest moves in that direction has come from stem cell research and therapy. Stem cell therapy is currently being used to successfully treat more than 80 diseases, but the field is rapidly evolving backed by prestigious research and clinical trials.

Smart Cells is the first private UK stem cell storage company to have released stored stem cell units for use in the treatment of children with life-threatening illnesses. We have released the greatest number of samples for use in transplants from the UK.

We believe with the development of technology in the future we will be able to treat even more illnesses.

We believe our customers deserve the best service available and we run our state of the art facility with leading professionals in the field.

We believe that storing your child’s stem cells at birth can be a crucial part of treating or curing an unexpected illness.

We believe that in the future this service should be available to every parent, child and family.

We are a company that is for life.

Smart Cells were incorporated in 2000

Using state of the art technology, we’re ensuring we are a technologically advanced and innovative company in the field. We have released a number of cord blood units for clinical use worldwide and are continuing to do so.

  • Exceptional customer service

    Using state of the art technology, we’re ensuring we are a technologically advanced and innovative company in the field.

  • We offer all inclusive packages

    We have plain and simple service plans that inform you of all charges upfront. You can rely on us to make sure that there are no hidden costs.

  • Dedicated Phlebotomy service

    We have a team of phlebotomists (blood collection specialists) operating 24/7 with dedicated staff and emergency telephone numbers.

  • Truly international company

    We store umbilical cord blood samples around the world and collect, export and import samples from over 70 countries.

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A stem cell transplant was the only way to save Ahmed! Ahmed is now growing in height and is transfusion and medication free. He loves school and playing with the other kids – he enjoys being just like the other children.

Mohamed Ahmed

Kyle and Carla approached Smart Cells before the birth of their daughter to organise the collection of her umbilical cord blood. After being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, they have since been able to help reduce the symptoms.

Kyle & Carla Poppleton

Smart Cells are proud to be the first stem cell storage company in the UK. With countless years in the industry, a global service and many trusted industry experts including our CEO, Shamshad Ahmed, we are here to help, whatever the case.

Stem cells have proven many times now, to have a positive impact on those lives that need them the most, not to mention the possibilities with stem cells in the years to come. At Smart Cells, we have now released 19 samples of stem cells for clinical use, more samples than any other private cord blood company in the UK.

Storing stem cells couldn’t be easier. Here at Smart Cells, we focus on two foundation services to help you get started, these being umbilical cord blood banking and umbilical cord tissue banking.

It’s not just protecting the future of your child that we are extremely passionate about, but also adults, where our plus service can help.

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