1. Could you please provide a brief intro of your career/background?

We both trained in Musical theatre and worked in West End Shows. In 2011 we started an online business in health and beauty product sales and that now has become our main career. 


2. Why did you decide to store your baby’s stem cells?

A good friend of ours who has children through surrogacy, like us, wrote a book about his journey in the USA and mentioned that he had done a similar process for his children. As soon as we knew this was possible and heard the incredible benefits we felt so passionately about doing it for our child too. 


3. Had you heard about stem cell banking before? If so, where?

We had only heard of it mentioned by our friend but in the USA. 


4. What has your experience been like with Smart Cells?

 Absolutely incredible. Both of us were blown away by the science, how much is still being discovered and the possibilities in the future. We loved learning about the process of how it works and what they can be used for. We felt very looked after and informed throughout the whole thing. 


5. Did the process work as you had expected it to? Did you find it to be an easy process?

Yes everything worked out as we expected it to. The only stressful part was the timing of our baby being born and making sure the sample was collected timely and properly but the staff were amazing. 


6. Are there any obstacles that would have prevented you from using our service?



7. What would you say to a friend or colleague who was thinking of using Smart Cells?

If this is an option for you 100% go for it because when you know all the things it can help with it gives you the peace of mind that you did everything you could. 


8. Would you recommend this service to others? If so, why?

 Yes 100% as the process was so smooth and you feel empowered that you are doing the best for your child. 


9. What would be your advice to any parents who are looking into storing their baby’s stem cells?

This is a financial investment that you will never regret as it’s for the health of your child.


10. Is there anything else you wish to add?

Thank you to the incredible Smart Cells team for taking care of us so well and keeping us informed with every step.