Smart Cells service packages are clear and simple

To spread the cost of the final balance we have several affordable payment plans including 12, 18 and 24 Months.

      • Cord Blood 1st year of storage
      • Cord Tissue 1st year of storage
      • Account set up and admin
      • Stem cell collection kit
      • Transportation to our labs
      • Phlebotomist service (If required)
      • Maternal blood testing
      • Stem cell processing & CD34+
      • Certificate of storage
      • Shipping to a transplant centre
      • Booking fee: £295 | Final balance: £1700
      • Storage fee: £50/year

Having twins?

Smart Cells offer a special discounted rate for all twin births so call us now to find out more!

Additional information

  • Booking fee is non-refundable and payable upon placing your order with us.
  • In the event that Smart Cells cannot process the Cord Blood the final payment for Cord Tissue will be £1195 + storage fee of £50/year. If you have only chosen to store Cord Blood then the final payment will be £200.
  • Transportation costs to our laboratory will vary if you are located outside of the UK.
  • Storage fee will be charged from second year of storage for a minimum of 25 years. We reserve the right to increase storage fees by inflation (RPI).
  • All prices include VAT.

Our payment plans

At Smart Cells we realise that it may sometimes be easier to pay us in instalments instead of a one off payment. We provide a number of payment plans which allow you to easily spread your final balance over 3 to 24 months. All of our plans are interest free and we do not charge any administration fees.

Service 12 Months 18 Months 24 Months
Interest & administration fee N/A N/A N/A
Cord Blood £141.67 /month £94.45 /month £70.84 /month
Cord Blood & Cord Tissue £179.17 /month £119.45 /month £89.58 /month

Our Service

Our service packages are all-inclusive with no hidden costs. All processing procedures are undertaken in a sterile, controlled environment which is licensed by the HTA (Human Tissue Authority) by specially trained staff.

  • Contact us

    Request a brochure, order online or give us a call to request further information

  • Order

    Call us or order online to place your order and receive your stem cell collection kit

  • Birth

    Call for pick up once your baby has been born and your samples have been collected - UK Mainland Sunday birth collection may vary.

  • Processing

    Upon arrival to our lab, your stem cells samples will processed and tested

  • Storage

    Samples are placed in to long term storage tanks for a minimum of 25 years

Storing your baby’s stem cells is easy

How it works
Our prices

Smart Cells will give your baby a unique identification number as soon as you decide to order your collection kit from us. This number will be clearly marked on all items in your collection kit, ensuring full traceability at all times. As soon as your baby’s cord blood and/or tissue is receipted at the laboratory, the processing will start and your unique identification number will be attached to all records generated.

When your baby’s cord blood arrives at the laboratory, it is processed in our state of the art clean room laboratory using Sepax technology to yield the fraction containing the stem cells and any cells of current or future therapeutic value, are stored. This is referred to as volume reduced processing or red cell depletion, which is the industry standard method used by leading transplant centres worldwide. It’s also the method we’re most experienced in, and it’s why we were the first company in the UK to carry out transplants.

Once processing has finished and the volume reduced, the concentrated unit of cord blood stem cells is placed in a specialised cryo-bag, over wrapped for extra protection and placed into a controlled-rate freezer where the temperature is very slowly reduced to -196°C using a validated process . Cord tissue samples are also processed in the laboratory to yield small segments for controlled-rate freezing. We routinely freeze and store very small sub samples of both cord blood and tissue for any subsequent testing that may be required.

Once it has reached this temperature, the sample is placed into nitrogen vapour in one of our long term storage tanks.

At all stages of processing, relevant testing is undertaken to and a full data record maintained.

After we’ve processed your baby’s cord blood, we‘ll write to confirm the cell count results and if you have chosen to store cord tissue, we will inform you of the status of storage. We will also notify you if any issues crop up with routine testing.

Your collection kit will contain all the mandatory paperwork and will also be clearly labelled with your unique ID number. The paperwork must be returned with your baby’s cord blood and or tissue for us to process the sample(s).

Order online

Ordering online is simple:

  • Fill in our order form
  • Choose your storage options
  • Pay booking fee with any major debit/credit card
  • We will contact you to confirm within 48 hours
  • Consent documentation is posted to you
  • Return completed consent documentation
  • Stem cell collection kit is shipped to your chosen address

Scroll up to order today.

Order by phone

If you prefer to speak on the phone:

  • Pick up the phone and give us a call
  • Our advisors will explain the fact and benefits
  • Storage options are chosen
  • Pay booking fee with any major credit/debit card
  • Consent documentation is posted to you
  • Return completed consent documentation
  • Stem cell collection kit is shipped to your chosen address

Informed consent

HTA regulation means consent must be given by the mother for cord blood and cord tissue to be taken. We have a duty to provide information about the risks, benefits and options available so that informed consent can be given.

Storage Agreement

Our storage agreement contains full terms and condition of the Smart Cells service plan

Statement of Consent

The statement of consent is legally required for us to be able to collect stem cells samples for you

Maternal Health Questionnaire

This allows us to perform the correct tests on the maternal blood sample when processing your stem cell samples

On the day of birth

We know that on the big day it can be pretty hectic. The process with Smart Cells to collect your baby’s stem cells is as simple as 1,2,3.

  • 1

    Take the kit with you to the hospital. If you've booked a phlebotomist, call to inform them that your labour is commencing, and call again in your last stages of dilation. After the birth, the cord samples and maternal blood are collected by the attending physician or phlebotomist, who will sign the paperwork which is packed in to the temperature controlled kit.

  • 2

    The kit is sealed and handed back to you. Call us to request collection as soon as it's convenient. We will then arrange for a courier to collect your temperature controlled kit. We'll let you know that it's arrived safely at our laboratory, and you'll be called again once the sample has been processed.

  • 3

    Upon successful storage we will give you a call to confirm your storage and explain your results. You'll be sent certificates of storage and the samples are placed in to long term storage where they will be stored for 25 years.

Stem Cell Storage Costs FAQ

1. What’s Included in Stem Cell Storage?

There are no hidden costs in our stem cell storage packages as each product is an all-inclusive cost, supported by the yearly storage fee. This means that your kit will be provided along with a phlebotomist, your certificate, stem cell processing and storage for the first year.

2. What is Stem Cell Storage?

Stem cell storage is the collection and processing of stem cells, from either umbilical cord blood or tissue before being cryopreserved (the process of cooling to very low temperatures to preserve viability). Stem cells can be used now, in some cases of treatment, but can also be stored for future treatment options too.

3. How Much Does Stem Cell Storage Cost?

Stem cell storage comes in a couple of options, starting from £1995. Other options are available from Smart Cells, such as storing cord tissue stem cells, however, these are the only additional costs included. We have laboratories around the world available to store your stem cells.

4. What are the Payment Options for Stem Cell Storage?

There are a number of payment options available to Smart Cells customers when it comes to payment. Alongside the opportunity to pay upfront for Stem Cell collection and storage, we offer 3, 6 and 12-month payment plans, allowing you to make payment in a way that is most convenient to you.

5. Is Storing Stem Cells Worth It?

Stem Cells have unique properties proven to help fight diseases and illnesses such as Leukaemia and Cerebral Palsy. Storing these cells at birth is a once in a lifetime opportunity and a priceless resource that can be used to treat serious illness or disease now or in the future. Smart Cells have released 21 successful samples, higher than any UK private stem cell company.

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