Cord Blood Collection at The Kensington Wing with Smart Cells

Smart Cells is proud to be a preferred partner of The Kensington Wing, a warm and welcoming private maternity wing at The Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London.

The Kensington Wing

Patients at The Kensington Wing will receive an exclusive discount of £100 off at Smart Cells.

The Kensington Wing

The Kensington Wing is the dedicated private maternity unit at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, providing women with around-the-clock clinical care, comfortable en-suite private rooms and hospitality services.

Being located in the heart of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital – one of the UK’s safest hospitals – the safety and wellbeing of mother and baby are reassuringly supported at all times. The Kensington Wing is immediately located next to the hospital’s outstanding and newly expanded Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and a consultant anaesthetist remains on site at all times, 24/7, dedicated to the needs of women on the Kensington Wing.

In these uncertain times, expectant parents can have additional anxieties or concerns about childbirth or going into a hospital. To ensure the safety of our women and their birth partners, we have important infection control procedures for our staff and visitors to adhere to, but we remain welcoming to your chosen birth partner for all stages of your pregnancy, birth and postnatal stay. Your individual room and en suite facilities are a haven in these times and the catering and hospitality team ensures your stay is relaxing as well as safe.

On the Kensington Wing the consultant obstetricians, midwives, nurses and maternity support workers work together as a team.

We are delighted to offer both consultant-led and midwife-led maternity packages.

The Kensington Wing’s highly experienced team of midwives welcome enquiries from prospective women and the opportunity to discuss midwife-led care in more detail. These ‘meet the midwife’ sessions are always a relaxed and special time to talk and discover more without any obligation.  For those women who are appropriate for midwife-led care, the team provide full support throughout your pregnancy and the midwifery team are available 24 hours seven days a week for advice or concerns throughout your pregnancy, birth and postnatal stay.

The consultant-led care package allows you the choice of one of our experienced consultant obstetricians to personally guide you through your pregnancy and birth. Your consultant provides continuity and individualised expertise throughout your journey. They build a relationship with you and your partner through the antenatal period to give you confidence to birth safely with them in line with your birth preferences.  They remain to support you through the postnatal period including your 6 week postnatal check. All consultants are available to meet you and your birth partner without any obligation.

Contact The Kensington Wing

The Kensington Wing enquiry team are always happy to support with these arrangements and answer any questions. If you would like to talk to one of the team please contact us on 020 3315 8616 or email

Learn more about The Kensington Wing here.

The Kensington Wing

How does cord blood collection at The Kensington Wing work?

Smart Cells’ service has been designed to be as simple as possible meaning that you can enjoy those first precious moments with your new arrival without interruption.

Your enquiry with Smart Cells will be handled with discretion and care; patients of The Kensington Wing will receive a one-to-one service with an open channel of communication, allowing you to ask all the questions you need to understand the service.

  • Receive Kit

    After booking, you will receive a Smart Cells kit to pack into your hospital bag.

  • The Process

    The process is very simple and is totally pain-free and non-invasive for both mother and baby.

  • Storage

    After collection, a specialist courier will collect your Smart Cells kit to bring it to our laboratory for processing and safe storage.

Why Smart Cells?

The Kensington Wing has chosen to work with us as a preferred partner for their families’ cord blood collection. Over 2 million parents a year are searching for reliable cord blood banks to collect and store their baby’s precious stem cells. If you’ve decided to store your baby’s cord blood, here’s why Smart Cells might be the right path for you:

1. Smart Cells were the first cord blood stem cell storage company in the UK.

2. We are now renowned around the world.

3. We have released over 20 samples for transplant.

At Smart Cells, the focus is always on the families we work with and ensuring that they have been given all the information they need to make the best decision.

We are confident that we provide exceptional service from first enquiry to accessing stem cells in future:

Dedication: A dedicated UK team of phlebotomists are available for your baby’s birth on a 24/7 basis.

Safety: State of the art processing equipment to extract stem cells from the cord blood safely and effectively.

Transparency: All samples collected are fully traceable throughout their journey.

Success: We are responsible for the most successful transplants nationally.

What our families say

“They have been brilliant, they made the whole process very easy and explained everything in perfect detail to us.”Vogue Williams, broadcaster

“The whole experience has been seamless and friendly. They make it all really easy.”Amy Willerton, model & presenter

“The Smart Cells team and phlebotomist were so great at explaining the process to David and I and the hospital staff were totally accommodating and helpful in ensuring everything went smoothly. All our conversations have been brilliantly handled and everything was very clear.”Ali Bastian, actress

Get in touch

This partnership means that families at The Kensington Wing will be able to access a one-to-one service with an open channel of communication with Smart Cells.

Patients at The Kensington Wing will receive an exclusive discount of £100 off at Smart Cells.

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