Did you know that storing your baby’s stem cells is a smart choice for the future? Stem cell storage can provide a variety of benefits for families, including potential medical treatments and peace of mind. Here are five reasons why you should consider storing your child’s stem cells.

Potential Medical Treatments 

One of the primary reasons to store your baby’s stem cells is the potential for them to be used in medical treatments. Stem cells can be used in the future to treat a range of diseases and conditions, should the need arise, such as cancer, diabetes, cerebral palsy, and more. By storing your baby’s stem cells now, you may be able to provide them access to life-saving treatments in the future.

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Investment in Your Child’s Future 

Storing your baby’s stem cells is an investment in their future health and wellbeing. Nobody knows what the future holds, and should your child develop a life limiting or threatening illness then having access to their stem cells could save their life. Over time, technology has advanced significantly and will continue to do so in the years ahead. By banking your baby’s stem cells now, you can ensure they have access to any new treatments or therapies that arise from further scientific research.

Peace of Mind 

Knowing that your child’s stem cells are stored safely away can give parents peace of mind about their long-term health prospects. It also takes away some of the stress associated with trying to find a suitable donor if needed down the line, as well as eliminating any concerns about compatibility or rejection issues for transplants from unrelated donors.

Low Risk 

Many people worry about potential risks associated with collecting and storing stem cells, but there really isn’t much risk involved at all! The process is completely safe for both mother and child and requires only a few minutes shortly after birth for the collection. It’s even compatible with delayed cord clamping! In addition, cryogenic storage is totally secure and reliable; even if disaster strikes, your baby’s stem cells will remain safe with us until they’re needed. Smart Cells is also HTA compliant and so we’ve partnered with another suitably licensed establishment, so in case something happens to us, your cells are still safe. 

Affordable Options

Although it may seem like an expensive option at first glance for many parents, having peace of mind for the future is truly priceless. As the number 1 Cord Blood Bank in Europe we are on a mission to make stem cell storage more affordable for families in the UK and offer different plans and flexible payment options to suit your needs. With our prices starting at just £1050 for cord blood and tissue collection, you may just be surprised! 

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Storing your baby’s stem cells offers many benefits for parents looking to protect their child’s health long-term without breaking the bank. Not only does it offer potential medical treatments which could save lives down the road, but it also provides peace of mind knowing that you have taken steps towards safeguarding your children’s health — no matter what comes up in life. So don’t hesitate — give yourself peace of mind today by considering storing your baby’s precious stem cells with us!

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