You’ve reached the halfway point in your pregnancy journey! Week 20 is an exciting time for both you and your growing baby. This educational guide will provide you with essential information on what to expect during this stage and tips on how to prepare for the coming weeks.

At week 20, your baby is weighing around 300g and measuring approximately 25.6cm long, which is the size of a banana. This measurement is a lot bigger than week 19, and that is because measurements are now taken from the head to heel, rather than the baby being measured from head to the bottom. This is because the legs are naturally curled up and hard to see.

The baby’s organs are developing rapidly, and their facial features are becoming more distinct. Hair may start to grow on the baby’s head, and they may begin to produce vernix caseosa, a protective waxy coating on their skin, which you may see after they are born. Your baby is moving and kicking more and more often, and you may feel these movements more clearly.

Your uterus has grown to the size of a cantaloupe and is now at your navel. You may experience a more rounded belly as your uterus expands – if you haven’t already, now is the time to start investing in some maternity clothing which should see you through to the end of your pregnancy, and perhaps even beyond!

As your body continues to adapt, you might feel aches and pains in your lower back, hips, and legs. You may start to develop stretch marks as your skin stretches to accommodate your growing baby.

During week 20, you’ll likely have a routine antenatal appointment with your healthcare provider. This visit usually includes an ultrasound scan, also known as the anomaly scan, where the doctor will check your baby’s growth and development. This is an exciting time for many parents as the sonographer may be able to identify the baby’s sex (if you choose to know). Routine blood tests and urine tests will be performed to monitor your health and screen for potential issues. As with any appointment, this is a great opportunity to discuss any concerns you have with your healthcare provider.

Week 20 is an important milestone in your pregnancy journey. By staying informed and taking care of yourself, you’ll ensure the best possible health for you and your growing baby. Keep track of your progress, ask questions, and communicate with your healthcare provider to navigate this exciting time.

We hope this guide provided you with some insight into what you can expect this week.