Congratulations on reaching week 36 of your pregnancy journey. You are almost there now!

We’ve created a simplified guide for expecting parents at week 36 of their pregnancy journey.

Your baby is approximately 47.4cm long and is about the size of a romaine lettuce.

It’s crucial to attend your antenatal appointment for essential checks on blood pressure, urine, and the size of your bump.

The baby may have moved into a head-down position in the pelvis, indicating readiness for birth, yet actual labour could still be weeks away.

During pregnancy, you might feel Braxton Hicks contractions, which are like rehearsal contractions. They can be tight but shouldn’t cause pain. If they become regular or painful, it’s important to inform your midwife.

Mood swings, morning sickness, and food cravings are common experiences during pregnancy, and while they are expected, they can be managed and prepared for. Additionally, headaches and backaches are also quite typical during this time.

It’s advisable to pack your bag and get ready now, to prepare in case your baby arrives earlier than expected.

Maternity leave is an essential aspect to consider as you approach the later stages of pregnancy. It’s the period when you can step away from work responsibilities to focus on your health and prepare for the arrival of your new baby. If you haven’t done so already, now is a good time to discuss your options with your employer.

Make sure to balance rest with gentle exercise, such as stretching and walking. Light physical activity can help prevent leakage when laughing, sneezing, or coughing. Remember to keep your exercises mild and easy.

Should you experience anxiety, it’s important to seek support without delay. Discussing your worries with a trusted individual or a professional is vital. The guidance and reassurance from a midwife or doctor can be incredibly comforting in times of stress.

Always turn to a healthcare professional for any questions or concerns.