1. Could you please provide a brief intro of your career/background.
I work in the fashion industry, I lived in Essex for four years and worked for ITV for three in the wardrobe department on shows such as Saturday Night Takeaway, we then decided to move back up north where I am from and I got a job as a fashion stylist at a top UK fashion company.

2. Why did you decide to store your baby’s stem cells?
Every parent wants to do the best for their child and the thought of doing anything in the world you can for them and their future if needed was just something we had to do.

3. Had you heard about stem cell banking before? If so, where?
We had never heard of stem cell banking prior to this and it was shocking to me when I read up about doing it that stem cell banking isn’t more well known, the amount of illness’s that stem cells can help and treat blows my mind. I have been telling everyone I know all about it.

4. What has your experience been like with Smart Cells?
My experience with Smart Cells was very professional. Everyone I spoke to on the run up to birth was lovely and everything was explained properly to me so I knew exactly what to expect on the day.

5. Did the process work as you had expected it to? Did you find it to be an easy process?
Everything ran very smoothly, all I had to do was ring up when my waters broke and then give them a text when I was 8 cm. they then came and took some bloods from me, waited in the waiting room until my baby was born and once my placenta was out he came in and collected what was needed. Not once did I feel overwhelmed with it all it was a very calm experience.

6. Are there any obstacles that would have prevented you from using our service?
No obstacles. I only wish it was more well known so more people come across it and benefit from it.

7. What would you say to a friend or colleague who was thinking of using Smart Cells?
Just do it, hopefully you NEVER EVER have to use it but the thought of knowing it is there just in case really puts your mind at ease.

8. Would you recommend this service to others? If so, why?
Most definitely I already have recommended to a lot of my mummy to be friends!

9. What would be your advice to any parents who are looking into storing their baby’s stem cells?
If you can do it then do it. Any way I can look after my child I will do. The thought of knowing I have my baby’s stem cells stored makes me feel like I’m already protecting my little one.

10. Is there anything else you wish to add?
Thank you to the Smart Cells team for the lovely experience I received from you. It was a very calm experience that I would recommend to anyone and I will spread the word on this amazing service as much as I can!