It’s the most romantic time of the year…Valentine’s Day is almost here! Is your baby due in February? If so then you may want to consider giving your baby a romantic name that embraces the season of love! Need some inspiration? Look no further, we’ve rounded up the most popular names, and some more unusual ones, that literally mean love!* 

Girl Names 

Ivy – Ivy symbolises eternity and faithfulness, wreaths of ivy were worn by newlyweds in ancient Greece to show their loyalty and devotion to each other. This charming name ranked overall 5th most popular for baby girls with 2245 babies named Ivy in 2021. 

Freya – This beautiful name was on last year’s list and it’s still just as popular! Coming in 6th place after Ivy, 2185 baby girls were named Freya in 2021. This name has jumped up from 12th place in 2020! Freya is the Norse goddess of love, beauty and fertility and we think it’s just dreamy!

Mia – The name Mia means ‘mine’ and ‘beloved’, the perfect name for a Valentine’s Day baby! Mia ranked 9th most popular overall with an impressive 2168 baby girls given this name in 2021.

Rosie – Roses are widely known as the most romantic flower and are often given on Valentine’s Day to loved ones. Rosie is a beautiful adaptation of the classic name Rose and comes in at number 11 on the list with 2028 little girls named this in 2021. 

Esme – This elegant French name literally means ‘loved’ and we think it’s perfect for a baby girl born in February. 

Love the idea of a romantic baby name but want something a little more unusual? Here’s a list of some less common names that still have a romantic meaning.

Amy – Now outranked by the more modern spellings, such as Aimee, Amy is actually becoming less and less popular each year with only 166 little girls given this name in 2021. Amy means ‘beloved’ and we think it’s just lovely. 

Darcy – Although this name doesn’t really have a romantic definition it does give us Pride & Prejudice vibes and we love it! 

Cara – With only 123 little girls named Cara in 2021, it’s unlikely your little Cara would meet another! This name means ‘beloved’ making it the perfect choice for a little girl born in February. 

Mabel – Although this name isn’t that unpopular, we think it’s too adorable not to include in this list! Traditional yet modern this charming name means ‘loveable’. 

Boys Names 

David – If you want a traditional baby boy name then David might be the one! This classic name means ‘beloved’ and is perfect for a little boy born during the romantic season. 

Caleb – Caleb is a Hebrew name that means ‘faithful’, ‘whole-hearted’ and ‘loyal’, which makes it a perfect name for a baby boy born on Valentine’s Day! 758 baby boys were given this name in 2021 and it sits comfortably at number 76. 

Milo – The name Milo means ‘beloved’ and we think it’s just delightful. Ranking at number 83, 719 baby boys were given this name in 2021. 

Liam – Liam is another more traditional name that means ‘desire’, ‘guardian’ and ‘protector’. We think this name is perfect for a baby boy born in February! 

Beau – Beau literally means ‘beautiful’ so this name is a great choice for your beautiful little boy! Beau also means ‘sweetheart’ and ‘admirer’ if you needed any more reasons to give this name to your little Valentine! 

Want something a little more unique? Here’s our list some less common alternatives:

Darrell – If you decide to call your baby boy Darrell then the chances are there won’t be another in their classroom! This name means ‘beloved’ so is a great option for a February baby. 

Lennon – The name Lennon means ‘lover’ so it’s the perfect choice for a baby born on Valentine’s Day. 

Romeo – Although the name Romeo has no romantic meaning the heritage of the name couldn’t be anymore romantic, who doesn’t love this Shakespearean classic? 

Caron – The name Caron is of Welsh origin and means ‘loving’ and ‘kind-hearted’. This name could also be used for a baby girl and we think it’s very sweet. 


*Data provided by the Office of National Statistics