Pregnancy is such a special time that no woman will ever forget, so it’s fun to make the most of this time. In winter, pregnancy and a new baby can pose a new set of challenges entirely, so we’ve got a few tips to see you through!

If you’re looking for tips on pregnancy in any other season, we’ve got a guide for each of them below:

Layer Up

We’ve already seen snow this year with plummeting temperatures, so we imagine you’ve already broken out the woolly jumpers and coats! Our top tip for pregnancy in the chilly weather is to pile on the layers. While it’s chilly outside, you can quickly get overheated when you head indoors as everyone’s switched their heating on high. With plenty of light layers, you’ll be able to strip down to make you more comfortable – something that’s very important when you’re heavily pregnant!

Invest in a Maternity Coat

In addition to your layers, you may want to invest in a practical maternity coat that will zip up over your bump. The worst thing when you’re cold is not being able to snuggle up in a warm coat, so if you’re finding you can’t get your coat done up easily, especially with all the layers underneath, it’s time to make the switch. You’ll be far more comfortable than squeezing into your usual coat and it’ll make sure your temperature stays regulated all over your body. If you’d prefer not to purchase a coat that you’ll only wear for one season, you can also buy maternity panels that zip into your regular coats or you could even find an oversized coat or one that’s a couple of sizes bigger than your usual.

Choose Sensible Shoes

They may not be the most fun item in your wardrobe, but with the high chance that footpaths may be slippery with ice or water, having a pair of non-slip shoes is crucial. You’ll want something with a good sturdy sole and ankle support. Not only is your body changing in ways it’s not used to, but if you’re heavily pregnant, you may find your sense of balance is slightly thrown (or you may not even be able to see the ground and hazards beneath you!). A pair of insulated boots works perfectly, but you may want to search for some that are easy to slip on and off too.

Protect Your Skin

Cold air is harsh on the skin. Use a good moisturiser to prevent dryness and chapping, and don’t forget to apply SPF if you’re going outside. The sun can still be strong, even in winter, and pregnant women are more at risk of getting sunburn too. Cover up as much skin as you’re able to with gloves, long sleeves and trousers, a scarf and a hat to protect it.

Be Wary of Colds & Flu

In the UK, pregnant women are recommended to get a flu vaccine as soon as possible in winter. Pregnant women are more susceptible to complications from the flu and their immune systems are lowered, meaning they’re more likely to catch it. The NHS offers the flu vaccine for free to all pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy. To help protect yourself and your baby further, make sure to wash your hands well after being around other people and avoiding people who are unwell whenever possible. 

Stay Active

It’s only too easy to stay at home snuggled up in blankets during the winter months, especially when you’re pregnant and everything needs a little extra effort – trust us, we understand! But it is important for pregnant women to stay active and keep moving, even when it’s chilly outside. Gentle exercise during pregnancy can not only reduce your risk of conditions like gestational diabetes and preeclampsia, but it can also improve your mood. It can also reduce back pain and make labour and birth a little easier as you can do movements that prepare you! We suggest finding something you enjoy and are likely to stick with, whether that’s yoga or dance videos from the comfort of your living room, swimming, gentle cardio or even strength training. If you’re worried about what’s safe or not safe to do while pregnant, speak to your midwife or GP who will be able to advise you.