Finding the perfect name that matches the personality of your brand new arrival but will grow with them is both a tough but exciting part of welcoming your baby. There are sources of inspiration everywhere you look, from romantic names that literally mean love to the Royal family. Today, we’re taking a look at how you can take inspiration from the wide world around you.

In a time where the allure of the natural world beckons with an irresistible charm, the popularity of nature-inspired names for both girls and boys has soared to new heights. Nature inspired names have been popular for many years, from classic flower names like Lily and Daisy, to the sophisticated Cyrus and Basil.

Thanks to the rise of cottagecore, an aesthetic lifestyle trend that has been popularised by TikTok, nature names for babies have become more popular than ever before, but parents still long to find a name that’s as unique as their little one. They are diving back into the archives to find nature inspired names that were popular a century ago and are due a revival, or simply using the evolution of language to find poetic sounding words that can evolve into names.

We love that many nature inspired baby names can be gender neutral, as well as being easy to recognise and pronounce. Whether you’re seeking a name that exudes strength like an ancient mountain or one that captures the fleeting beauty of a sunset, our list of nature-inspired baby names should leave you feeling inspired.

Nature Inspired Baby Girl Names

Meaning: Luna, derived from the Latin word for “moon,” is a name that reflects the celestial beauty and mystery of the night sky.
ONS Ranking (2021): #35
Number of Babies Named Luna (2021): 1261

Meaning: Ivy is a name symbolising fidelity, friendship, and eternity, much like the evergreen ivy plant.
ONS Ranking (2021): #5
Number of Babies Named Ivy (2021): 2,245

Meaning: Aurora is the name of the Roman goddess of the dawn. This name conveys the breathtaking beauty of the Northern Lights.
ONS Ranking (2021): #56
Number of Babies Named Aurora (2021): 910

Meaning: The name Hazel conjures images of the hazelnut tree and its soft, earthy hues. It signifies wisdom and protection.
ONS Ranking (2021): #147
Number of Babies Named Hazel (2021): 350

Meaning: Autumn captures the essence of the season, signifying change, harvest, and the passage of time.
ONS Ranking (2021): #108
Number of Babies Named Autumn (2021): 481

Meaning: The Iris flower is associated with the Greek goddess of the rainbow, conveying a message of hope and promise.
ONS Ranking (2021): #70
Number of Babies Named Iris (2021): 746

Meaning: Brook refers to a small, natural stream of water. The name evokes images of tranquillity and the gentle flow of nature.
ONS Ranking (2021): #242
Number of Babies Named Brook (2021): 207

Meaning: Eira is a Welsh name meaning “snow.” It captures the serene beauty and purity of snowfall, making it a unique nature-inspired choice.
ONS Ranking (2021): 361
Number of Babies Named Eira (2021): 129

Meaning: Estelle, derived from the Latin word “stella,” means “star.” It reflects the celestial wonders of the night sky and embodies qualities of light and beauty.
ONS Ranking (2021): #983
Number of Babies Named Estelle (2021): 35

Meaning: Celeste is derived from the Latin word “caelestis,” meaning “heavenly” or “of the sky.” It epitomises the ethereal and enchanting nature of the cosmos.
ONS Ranking (2021): #603
Number of Babies Named Celeste (2021): 64

Nature Inspired Baby Boy Names

Meaning: Oscar means “deer lover” or “champion warrior,” with clear connections to the wild and natural world.
ONS Ranking (2021): #8
Number of Babies Named Oscar (2020): 3,071

Meaning: As serene as the flowing waters, the name River evokes a sense of tranquillity and the eternal rhythm of nature.
ONS Ranking (2021): #131
Number of Babies Named River (2021): 442

Meaning: Leo, meaning “lion,” symbolises courage and strength, mirroring the majestic nature of the king of the jungle.
ONS Ranking (2021): #6
Number of Babies Named Leo (2021): 3,465

Meaning: Rowan is derived from a tree with red berries, known for its protective and magical qualities. The name symbolises strength and vision.
ONS Ranking (2021): #63
Number of Babies Named Rowan (2021): 983

Meaning: Heath refers to open uncultivated land with grass and low-growing vegetation. The name embodies the rugged and natural beauty of such landscapes.
ONS Ranking (2021): #503
Number of Babies Named Heath (2021): 78

Meaning: Forrest is a variant of “forest,” signifying a wooded area with trees and lush vegetation. The name conjures images of childhood adventure.
ONS Ranking (2021): #556
Number of Babies Named Forrest (2021): 69

Meaning: Wilder alludes to the untamed and natural world, capturing the essence of wilderness and adventure.
ONS Ranking (2021): #1595
Number of Babies Named Wilder (2021): 15

Meaning: Leif is of Scandinavian origin, meaning “heir” or “descendant”, but alludes to the similar sounding “leaf”. It’s also associated with the historical figure Leif Erikson, the Norse explorer.
ONS Ranking (2021): #1782
Number of Babies Named Leif (2021): 13

Meaning: Archer pertains to a skilled bowman, often associated with the natural prowess of hunting and precision.
ONS Ranking (2021): #174
Number of Babies Named Archer (2021): 308

Meaning: Cliff signifies a steep, high rock face or escarpment. The name invokes the raw and dramatic beauty of natural formations.
This name doesn’t appear in the most recent baby name data from the ONS meaning that it was given to fewer than 1000 babies in 2021.